Original Hardware

Matt Moskowitz at work. reviewing blueprints

Hi my name is Matthew Moskowitz and I am an intern here at Huguenot Street. Right now I am working on organizing Huguenot St.’s vast collection of blueprints.

Here is a diagram of all of the hardware in the Bevier-Elting house. What is awesome is that next semester I am going to be working with the real deal. I’ll be going into the houses and cataloging the original hardware in the stone houses, some of which is centuries old.

Blueprints of hardware

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4 Responses to Original Hardware

  1. Mary Etta says:

    Matt, I am the Board Chair and President of HHS. Your enthusiasm is so inspiring! HHS is fortunate to have you as a volunteer and I am delighted to know of your positive experience. How can we spread the word to potential other volunteers? Many thanks, Mary Etta

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Mary. Thank you for such kind words. The way I found out about interning at HHS was through one of my professors who suggested it to me. College students are always looking for internships, so I really believe that advertising around the SUNY campus is the best bet.

  2. Susie LeFevre Hook says:

    Matthew: I am curious about the date on the Bevier-Elting house hardware blueprint. Is it a record blueprint showing antique hardware, or is it construction drawings for making appropriate reproduction-type hardware at some time in the more recent past? Or something else? Do you know when blueprints started being used for construction projects? What is the scope of HHS’s blueprint collection? Are the prints just related to HHS properties? My memory from making blueprints myself 20+ years ago is that ammonia and cheap paper are involved, meaning that blueprints are apt to degrade quickly. What is the physical status of the oldest blueprints in the HHS collection, and how old are they?

    • Matthew says:

      Hello Susie. The blueprint is from the 1934 Historic American Buildings Survey on the Bevier-Elting house. So the the blueprint shows diagrams of what the surveyors found in the house when they were commissioned to make the report. As for the size of HHS’s collection of blueprints, it is very extensive. I have been working with them for over two weeks and I have not even seen half of the collection. HHS’s collection not only includes blueprints of houses on Huguenot Street, but also properties all over the town of New Paltz, and maps of surrounding areas as well. Most of the blueprints that I have come across are actually duplicates of the originals, so for the most part they are in good condition. But I am sure HHS’s collection contains some very old original prints. Thanks for your questions.

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