An Experience Like No Other..

Jessica Breitman and her friend Brie at Haunted

Jessica Breitman and her friend Brie at Haunted

My name is Jessica Breitman and I am a senior at SUNY New
Paltz. This week I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree
in History. In today’s seemingly hopeless economy, the odds of getting
a job straight out of college is slim. However, I am fortunate to have
two incredible internships under my belt, both of which have provided
me with the skills to perform outstandingly outside the classroom and
in the real world. In particular, this semester I had the rewarding
experience of interning at Historic Huguenot Street.
During my time at HHS, I primarily helped plan Haunted Huguenot
Street. Haunted is HHS’s biggest and most anticipated event of the
year. The main coordinators of the event, Susan and Rebecca, were
determined to spice things up at this year’s Haunted. Specifically
they were adamant that instead of having the spine-tingling stories
told by tour guides, the majority of the stories were to be acted out.
In order to make this possible, we needed a lot of help! I worked
endlessly with fellow intern, Kristina Cummings to recruit our peers
and classmates. Through social media platforms and a general interest
meeting for volunteers on our college campus, Kristina and I
successfully recruited over fifty students to volunteer as actors,
narrators, tour guides, and so forth at Haunted.
After getting all of these volunteers, Kristina and I were in charge
of figuring out who would do what and when during Haunted. It was not
an easy task, however in the end, Haunted went tremendously well. In
fact, I heard from many people that this year’s Haunted was the best
one yet!
As singer Mary Wilson Little said, “the lessons we learn
outside the classroom are equally, if not more important than the ones
we learn inside.” The experience I have gained from preparing Haunted
Huguenot Street was incredible; having honed in my organization and
research abilities, as well as my knowledge of history, I have gained
a new perspective of what I can do with the skills I have attained as
a History major.

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