Those Deyo Girls

Gertrude (1868-1926), Petronella (1879-1958) and Elvira Deyo (1869-1940)

Gertrude, Elvira and Petronella, the three daughters of Matthew Deyo and Julia Etta DuBois, were born and raised in Rosendale, New York. There is little information about the girls’ private lives, but what we do know, comes from their personal artifacts. Elvira’s granddaughter, Katherine Deyo Cookingham Downer, generously donated an assortment of clothing, photograph albums and individual photos to Historic Huguenot in the 1970’s. To see more of the Cookingham Downer collection, go to our online exhibit at HRVH.

On Saturday, March 3rd at promptly 3:00 PM, here at Huguenot Street, we will be giving a special tour of our historic Deyo House focusing on Gertrude and women of the late 19th century. Some of the Cookingham Downer clothing collection will be on display in the upstairs bedrooms, along with additional items from that time period. The tour will be followed by an exciting book talk given by local author, Nava Atlas. Nava will be reading and discussing her new book, The Literary Ladies. For more information, go to our Calendar of Events.

Gertrude B. Deyo

Exterior view of bodice

Interior view of bodice

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