Photo Friday: a 19th century photographic journey (photo 5)

This Friday’s photo features four children photographed in front of a brick house. Can you think of a caption for it? Anyone that writes a caption will automatically be entered into our caption contest. The winner will be announced in September, and receive a free family tour of Huguenot Street. Remember that you can post your comments on our blog or to our Facebook page.

Last week’s photograph of a family sitting on their front steps is the Gerow family. The photo was taken in front of Aaron Raymond Gerow’s house in 1897.  Pictured in the photo are Helena Heaton Gerow, her husband Aaron Raymond Gerow, Francis Gerow Gorrie, Augusta Gerow, and Robert Gorrie, as well as three unidentified family members. The Gerow’s were farmers from Plattekill, Ulster County, New York. Aaron Raymond inherited the farm from his father, Daniel Gerow, even though he was the youngest of nine children. Aaron Raymond Gerow was married to Helena Heaton on February 13, 1861. Even though they had no children of their own, they became the legal guardians of Aaron’s brother’s children after he died in 1871. There is also a young African American woman and man in the photo along with the Gerow family. The woman holding the puppy is most likely 17 year old Carrie Williamson, but the man playing the banjo is unidentified. If anybody knows who the unidentified people in the photograph are let us know!  Any information would be of great value.

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