Photo Friday: a 19th century photographic journey (photo 8)

This week’s photograph shows a couple posing with the backdrop of a well known tourist destination. Write a caption about where you think they might be. Remember that your thoughts can be posted right to our blog or to our Facebook page. We love hearing the captions that you write each week! Everyone who writes a caption will be entered to win a standard family tour of Huguenot Street. Winner will be announced in September.

Last Friday’s photo featured six men standing in front of the Key West Cigar Factory. The only identified man in the picture is William E. Dubois (1849-1933), standing on the far right. He was born and raised in Ulster County, but left to pursue a career in cigar manufacturing. William proved to be extremely successful at this business venture and was soon involved with four different cigar factories, one in Manhattan and three in Key West. In 1899, he returned home, a wealthy and affluent businessman. With his hard earned cash, William decided to build a 14-room home for his family on 87-acres of land at the end of Prospect Street. This photograph of 81 Prospect Street is part of the Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection of the Hudson River Valley Heritage website.

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