Photo Friday: a 19th century photographic journey (photo 13)

This Friday’s photograph shows a couple of men hard at work. Think of a caption for the photo and post it to our blog or Facebook page. Keep in mind that when you post a caption your name is automatically entered in our caption contest. The winner will be announced in September and receive a free standard tour of Huguenot Street.

The photo from last week features a group of friends who are seemingly drinking alcohol together at a bar. Again, we don’t know who these people are or where it was taken, but it was found in the Matthew Fitch Hasbrouck Photograph Collection. Alcohol is a beverage that has been consumed for thousands of years for various cultural and religious reasons. In fact, there is archaeological evidence that alcohol was purposefully fermented as early as the Neolithic Period, 10,000 B.C. From the beginning, alcohol has been regularly used in religious worship. It was often offered as a gift to the gods or deities for good fortune. Aside from religious rituals, alcohol has historically been an important source of calories for populations that were nutritionally deficient, as it contains high levels of fat, carbohydrates, and protein. It was also consumed daily as a source of hydration, because the water that was available was often too dirty and polluted to drink. Yet another function that alcohol served was for medicinal purposes. There is research that suggests that alcohol reduces the risk of diseases such as heart disease and osteoporosis. It was used fairly often to eradicate pain as well. Finally, alcohol increases enjoyment, and has always been used in social situations for entertainment and relaxation. Alcohol is a beverage that has been consistently consumed throughout history, and although there are some negative problems associated with alcohol today, it is likely to be used for a long time to come.

This will be my final blog post for Photo Friday, and next week it will be continued by another intern. It has been both a joy and pleasure writing this series, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

-Kathryn Marks, Summer Intern

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One Response to Photo Friday: a 19th century photographic journey (photo 13)

  1. Looks like corn-shucking time.

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